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14 April 2017

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Appss Parent COnnect Community is a Social Networking Platform for the Association of Parents Of Private School Students .

Where Users can Share what’s new and life moments with their friends.

Our Mission

To create the enabling environment for excellent and standard private education in nigeria and to support private education providers, parents and students in private education.

To give parents a platform upon which they can contribute to the growth of the private education sector and development of our children

To support excellence and standard private education in nigeria.

To assist and support parents and students in private school development in nigeria.

To support cooperation between non-governmental organisations/institutions and governmental institutions in implementing private education initiatives and strategies in nigeria.

To support private education development programmes in nigeria.

To promote the cause of private education in the public and private sectors within Nigeria and other international institutions and organisations.

To support exposure, evaluation and monitoring of principles and practice that will further deepen the development of private education in nigeria.

To promote research and development that will lead to better practice and success in the private education sector in nigeria.

To promote and support in general the cause of education in nigeria.

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